How Much Will a Property Valuation Cost?

The Cost of a Property Valuation...

Costs for a house valuation can vary and often depend on many things including size of the property, as well as location. The cost of a registered property valuation is usually in the range $500-$800.

What is the Reason for the Difference in Price?

Often the most expensive property to value will be an unusual one - it may not be big or grand, just unique. Valuers rely heavily on comparable sales data to base their conclusions of market value on. If a house is unusual and therefore has very little comparable sales data, this makes the house difficult to value. A valuation can still be done but can often take time; this is when the costs can increase.

Can I Find Out What Different Valuers Cost?

In our registered property valuer profiles each valuer has provided the cost of a property valuation for a typical residential house for their area (check out these profiles and costs for property valuers in wellington).

What is a typical residential house? It is one that is not unusual or unique - this type of house will have a significant amount of comparable information that will allow the price to be assessed in a reasonable amount of time with a high degree of accuracy.


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