Registered Property Valuers

Who are Registered Property Valuers?

Registered property valuers are qualified real estate professionals that work out the value of land and buildings. These property valuations are used for many activities including sales, purchases, mortgage finance, refinancing, and insuring. Find a registered property valuer.

What Qualifications Do Registered Property Valuers Have?

A registered property valuer will have a formal qualification in property with a specialisation in property valuation (usually a university degree). They will have completed a number of years of work experience before becoming registered. A registered property valuer will be an expert in property valuation techniques and will know which property valuation technique is appropriate to use to assess each house they value. Property valuation techniques continue to be developed and refined therefore valuers are required to have ongoing education and training.

What Does a Registered Property Valuer Know About?

An in-depth knowledge of the real estate market is essential for a registered property valuer. They will also be knowledgeable about building methods, will be familiar with styles and materials used in homes, and have an understanding of house engineering and architecture. Registered property valuers also keep up-to-date with local district plans and will be familiar with the Resource Management Act and other relevant legislation and regulations like the Building Code. A registered property valuer is usually not an expert in building and engineering matters but can identify problems. Something spotted by a registered property valuer will need to be investigated by the relevant professional.

Registered Property Valuations for Banks

Registered property valuers are the only people that banks will accept an assessment of house market value from for a mortgage. Find out more about why registered property valuers are used by banks, and why your bank wants a registered property valuation here.

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