Property Valuation NZ

Looking for a registered property valuer in NZ? Well you have come to the right place. The Property Valuation NZ website profiles NZ property valuers, making it quick and easy to choose the right property valuer for you.

Why was the Property Valuation NZ website created? We wanted to make it easy for you to make an informed choice when you were choosing a property valuation professional to help you with your house purchase or sale.

First we decided to ask your local registered property valuers some questions - cue ‘The Profile’ - a standardised listing where all property valuers answer the same essential questions about themselves and about their property valuation services.

Then we put it all in one place - on - making it easy and convenient for you to read about and choose a property valuer near you.

The property valuer profile is a NZ first, giving you insight into your local property valuers. The profiling is advertising, and not all property valuers are represented. But those that are have proven themselves open and forthcoming with answers to our property valuer profile questions - that dig deeper...

So if you are looking for a property valuer - check out our registered property valuer profiles by selecting your region on the map above.

We also provide information on just what a property valuer is, what they do, and why you might need a property valuation - in our resources section. We really are a one stop shop for property valuation in NZ.

Currently are happy to list valuers Nationwide - we are working on things and will be rolling out all over NZ soon - so watch this space...