About Propertyvaluationnz.co.nz

Propertyvaluationnz.co.nz is run by Propertytoolbox Ltd and is a website dedicated to profiling registered property valuers and giving information about property valuation in NZ. Want a property valuer? Want to know about property valuation? We have it all here. This website represents Propertytoolbox's commitment to providing house buyers with the information they need to make good house buying decisions!

Why are we doing this? It bothered us that the home buying process was a minefield, and good information and trusted recommendations were hard to come by. Was it to much to ask to give that to New Zealanders? That little seed of an idea has now been realised - So welcome to Propertytoolbox.co.nz and Propertyvaluationnz.co.nz!

Expert house buying advice that's independent & impartial

Get informed. Most people in the property market are in it for themselves, making it difficult to get quality advice which is impartial and most of all, in your best interests. That's where we come in.

Our independence from the house buying and selling process is one of the most valuable benefits we can offer you. Not only are we unbiased, we know exactly what you're going through. Get all the information you need here so that you can be confident in your house buying decisions.

Need a Property Valuer? Check Out The Profiles...

We wanted to make it easier for you to choose a property valuation professional to help you with your house purchase.

So we decided to ask registered property valuers some questions for you. Cue 'The Profile' - a standardised listing where all property valuers answer the same essential questions. The profile is a NZ first, giving you insight into your local property valuers!

This profiling is advertising, and not all your local property valuers are represented. But those that are here have proven themselves open and forthcoming with answers to the profile questions - that dig deeper...

So if you are looking for a valuer - search for a registered property valuer or return to our home page and if there is anything else we can help you with - just let us know!