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Company Prendos New Zealand Ltd
Valuer Name Ross Forsyth

Tell me about your property valuation service Professional & personable. Backed up by years of experience with thoughtful reporting.
How much for a valuation of a typical* residential property? Base fee $525 + GST.
How long does a valuation take? Typically 2 - 3 workdays.
How do I request a property valuation?

Prendos New Zealand Ltd contact details

Can you do an urgent valuation? Yes. Typically an adds $100 + GST.
How long have you been valuing property? Since 1970's. Here in Bay of Plenty for three years.
Do you have any specialty suburbs? Across the greater BOP including Rotorua.
How will you send me the property valuation? Original in the mail & pdf via email.
Can you send a copy of the valuation to my bank? Yes - when instructed.
Do you do a full inspection of the house as part of the property valuation? Yes. House is measured, all accessible areas inspected & findings in report with photos to support.
Will you discuss the finished property valuation report with me? Yes.
Can I contact a property valuer for a quote?

Prendos New Zealand Ltd contact details

What is your cancellation policy? No charge prior to inspection. Otherwise a fee for attendance/inspection.
What property valuer qualifications & professional memberships do you have? ANZIV, MPINZ
Do you have adequate professional indemnity & public liability insurance? Yes.

* If you house is not 'typical' i.e. it is unusual and therefore difficult to compare to other properties in the area the price for a property valuation is likely to be different.

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