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Company Market Valuation Limited Williams & Associates
Valuer Name Chris Bridges

Barry Williams

Tell me about your property valuation service We provide an independent assessment of value based on recent and relevant market evidence, with post-quake Christchurch experience. I am an independent registered valuer operating as a sole practitioner.
How much for a valuation of a typical* residential property? $595 - $695 + GST for a typical property.
To be confirmed before proceeding.
$650 plus GST.
How long does a valuation take? 2 - 4 days within inspection of a standard property. 2 - 3 working days.
How do I request a property valuation?

Market Valuation Limited contact details

Williams & Associates contact details

Can you do an urgent valuation? Requests for urgency can be discussed. Yes we can. No extra cost.
How long have you been valuing property? 35+ years experience valuing Canterbury and surrounding areas. Commenced as a valuer 1977, registered as a valuer 1982.
Do you have any specialty suburbs? We value all Christchurch suburbs, but specialise in Southern and Western Christchurch, and the Port Hills. All of Christchurch and surrounding townships.
How will you send me the property valuation? Reports sent electronically upon full payment. PDF version by email.
Can you send a copy of the valuation to my bank? With your agreement we will send a digital copy. Yes.
Do you do a full inspection of the house as part of the property valuation? We ensure our inspections strictly follow best practice guidelines by the Aus & NZ Valuation and Property Standards. Yes.
Will you discuss the finished property valuation report with me? Discussion is welcome and encouraged if you would like any further understanding. Yes - the report can be discussed
in detail.
Can I contact a property valuer for a quote?

Market Valuation Limited contact details

Williams & Associates contact details

What is your cancellation policy? Cancellation will incur cost only for the time we have spent on the job. No policy.
What property valuer qualifications & professional memberships do you have? Registered Public Valuer
Master of Property Studies, B.Com (VPM)
Do you have adequate professional indemnity & public liability insurance? Yes, we have appropriate insurance cover for all work we perform. Full cover with no exclusions.

* If you house is not 'typical' i.e. it is unusual and therefore difficult to compare to other properties in the area the price for a property valuation is likely to be different.

About the Christchurch City Property Valuer Profiles

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